linklings, “this is the worst ever” edition

Here’s a quote for you. I wouldn’t say I respect this guy, but I always find him worth listening to:

No, this is the worst ever. This is the worst I’ve ever seen. 1990 was a bad period of time, but this is far worse, and this is worse on a really global basis. I’m looking at different countries. Every country is bad. Now they’re blaming us because of what happened. You know, why not blame the United States? But every country is in trouble.

Who said it?  Don’t know?  You’re fired!

What Republican Leaders Deem Wasteful in the Proposed Stimulus Plan – Do You Agree?:   The only people I trust less in terms of economic good sense than the Democrats are the Republicans – hard to say that they had the least bit of good sense over the last eight years.  Give the Democrats a chance to screw it up, guys.

Financial Football Teaches Students about Personal Finance:  Hey, it’s nice to see football players involved in something as dull and boring as personal finance, because at least then kids will sit up and take notice.

Free Business & Finance Courses Online:  I have to admit that the open courseware concept excites me, but I haven’t done much with it yet.  I did work my way through a few lessons of MIT open courseware, but I didn’t really push myself.  One of these days I’m going to push myself, though.

How Hard Would You Work to Find Your Perfect Job?:  So far I have to admit – not very hard.  I wonder, to be honest, if I’d rather stumble into another vaguely unpleasant middle-management job if the hours aren’t too taxing, than to work long hard hours to achieve something I found meaningful to myself.  It’s a question I struggle with.

Can You Invest Solely in ETF’s?:  Maybe not so much with ETFs, but I wonder whether the index-fund investing strategy is a good one long term – and I come to the same conclusion that this post does.  If you don’t have a substantial amount to invest, indexing will work just fine.  Once you have more than a million, start considering other options.

How Much Does It Cost In Life Energy?:  One of the best lessons learned by people who are “wise” to personal finance is that money does not represent wealth, exactly, but time – if you’re an income earner and not someone who earns from passive income.  If you work for a living and buy a CD, those tunes represent a chunk of your life.  If you have passive income, a CD’s simply a way to convert wealth to enjoyment.  Big difference.  Earned income versus passive income – which is better?

Are You Earning More or Spending Less? Plus Helpful Financial Guides:  I always think of earning more – even now that I’m not earning more.  Spending less will only take you so far – after that, earning more is the only possible solution.

$15,000 Home Buyer Tax Credit Possible!:  As someone who wants to move this year, this tax credit would inspire me to commit seriously.  This credit might actually be the stimulus the economy needs.

How to Waste Money on an MBA:  It’s an overrated degree, but there is some value to it still.  Companies do know the difference between a forceful, high-pressure MBA program and a second-rate one.  Real MBAs challenge students to change their thinking.  A lot of second-rate MBA programs exist just to drop a few letters onto a resume.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that employers will be fooled.

BrightScope:  Check out YOUR company’s 401(k) plan.  You might be surprised (but hopefully not irritated).

WWII vet frozen to death leaves estate to hospital:  This is stupid frugality at an extreme.  It’s clear that this country has to do something to protect its aged against themselves when things like this happen.  Nobody should freeze to death with more than a half million in the bank.