always embrace life

I posted this before, because from time to time I like to put a video up that’s unrelated to finance, etc. This one is touching and relates to health, if nothing else. Call me a sucker for sentimental safety reminders, but I imagine that the number one health tip – in terms of extending your life – is probably “always wear a seat belt.” I remember my friend – my family’s doctor, who was almost my age – who always told my family that the two surefire ways to extend our lives were to wear seatbelts and to quit/never start smoking. He was right – those two small things are huge determinants in living longer – and given my recent interest in The Singularity, I ought to pay attention to that type of information.  As should you.  I’ve know several people who died in car crashes (with or without seatbelts) and had one friend who broke his neck because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt:  so put on a seat belt on, always.  Please.

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  1. I’m a sucker for that video too. Brilliantly appeals to the logical and emotional side of why to wear seatbelts.

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