what is a career?

No Known Restrictions: A little spinner in Globe Cotton Mill. Augusta, Ga., by Lewis W. Hine, 1909 (LOC)

I write a lot about career topics. Most people like to think that their family and friends are the most important things in their lives, but the truth is that in many ways your career is equally important.  Your career consumes your time, creates goods or services that benefit others (hopefully) and for good or ill defines a lot about you as a person – not everything, but a significant amount.  I use the term career loosely.  In the sense I mean it, “career” is the bundle of activities that together form “what you do.”  Your job, your entrepreneurial business, your networking and so on all come together to make a career.  It’s a term that is less and less defined here in the 21st century.

Labor Day’s a good day to reflect on your career – where it’s been, where you’d like it to go. If you are thinking about your career here are a few of the articles I’ve written that might kick-start some brainstorming about your career:

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Now go celebrate work by not working. Be grateful if you’re getting the day off.  Unions, voters, activists and yes, even politicians made sacrifices up to and including dying to make working conditions better for all of us.

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