unusual things I’m thankful for

I’m thankful for:

  • Reasonably priced organic green tea from Whole Foods
  • my community’s bus and public transportation so I can at least read during my commute
  • Walk Fit
  • Dr. Natura
  • Jay McInerney
  • Napoleon Hill
  • 01.20.09
  • the Dolphins and Steelers (to explain: I am a Jets fan)
  • I’m not allergic to sunflower seeds
  • the waterfront walkway in my community
  • cheap and plentiful seltzericon
  • discovering the benefits of a raw food diet even though I am having a lot of trouble sticking to it and Thanksgiving will be the anti-raw food day…
  • electric screwdrivers
  • WordPress
  • consulting work
  • Netflix (I know, I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t, but I do)

And of course, more important things:

  • blog readers
  • blog commentators
  • the blog community
  • high speed internet

And the most important things:

  • my health and the health of my loved ones
  • my friends
  • my family
  • my Bubelah, мое сердце
  • my Little Buddy and his little brother/sister to come!

Happy Thanksgiving!

12 Replies to “unusual things I’m thankful for”

  1. I understand the Dolphins, but I don’t get why you’d be thankful for the Steelers. It’s still early in today’s game, but it’s not looking good for your guys. I’m rooting for you as well.

  2. @Lazy Man: Well, we beat the Steelers last week. The Cowboys were another matter entirely… argh.

  3. @Fecundity, Four Pillars: thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Yeah, 01.20.09 is becoming a bit of a “meme” for bumper stickers and whatnot around my (rather liberal) area. I think almost everyone in the US, regardless of politics, is ready for a change.

  4. Steve: I’ve seen T-shirts up here as well, although they either spell the date out or write it as 20/01/07.

    Pretty much everyone outside the US is ready for a change too, I believe.

  5. @Saving Diva: I haven’t tried Trader Joe’s, although we have one opening up near us soon. I’ll give it a shot. Main thing is organic, because for a long time I was drinking non-organic tea simply because organic was so pricey. It’s more the cost than the taste….

  6. I have to admit that I don’t like the organic green tea from Whole Foods. I think the tea is bitter…I’m a fan of the offerings at Trader Joe’s…

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