tripping the carnival fantastic

Once again one of my posts slipped past the judges and ended up in the Carnival of Personal Finance over at Free Money Finance. Check out FMF first and then read the other stuff. Mine last, since if you are already a reader of Brip Blap it’s nothing new to you. This time it was my post 6 Ways to Retire Poor.

As always there are more articles there than I will manage to look out, but just to highlight a few:

I liked Fabulously Broke and Rich in the City’s post about Pay Yourself and Not Just Financially. This was exactly my take on the hours I spent at my last job before I punted and joined the low-respect but minimal-hours world of contract consulting.

Queercents has City Dweller’s Income Slashed, Happiness Discovered. I had a few weeks off between projects earlier this year and frankly it was wonderful. I was worried about the money at first but I live far enough below my means that we didn’t even end up touching our emergency fund. We abruptly stopped our unnecessary expenses and spent a lot of time just enjoying a quiet routine.

Grad Money Matters irritated me with <Sarcasm>Ah… The Joys of Home Ownership </Sarcasm>. I know this is mostly about a microwave, but substitute just about any fixed feature of a home and you’ve got the same headache.

One of the best features of these blog carnivals is that it gets you to visit blogs you might not otherwise have visited – I had never seen any of these three (although I had noticed The Simple Dollar linking to Queercents a few times), and I thought all of them were quite good. Check ’em out.