The carnival’s come to town

Once again, it’s carnival time. The 116th Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Advanced Personal Finance. My post on Raises – Are They For Suckers? got included.

As I’ve read through I wanted to highlight a couple of posts: Budgeting for Laid-Back People at Quest for a Million and Teaspoon Finance’s Solving Our Savings and Budgeting Issues The No-Budget Budget Way. Both of them describe fairly non-detailed methods of budgeting that are pretty close to the way I view budgeting. Plus, two more blogs I hadn’t visited before and both of them were nice reads.

2 Replies to “The carnival’s come to town”

  1. Thanks for the mention. I can totally relate to your ‘raises for suckers’ post. Sometimes they barely keep up with inflation! I’ll be keeping an eye out for your how to get rich post. And it better not be, make an ebook on ‘how to be rich and sell it’ :-)… although … ya know, that’s probably a pretty legitimate way in our fast paced web 2.0 world ;-)…

  2. Don’t worry, my get rich post (it’s a two-parter, woo-hoo!) is on its way next week. And I’m still working on my “How To Get Rich Selling e-Books” e-Book. Trust me, if I thought someone would buy it, I would sell it. I’m not that proud by a long shot…

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