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It’s probably a bit of a cliche in the blog world to do a post on Thanksgiving about what we’re grateful for, but I’ll add to it. I finished my current client project and as of tomorrow I am embarking – terrified and anxious – into at least a brief period of uncertainty and freelancing and finding a new direction.  I’m excited and nervous at the same time, but I’m also grateful that I’ve got the time to spend with my family, who mean a tremendous amount to me.  I’m grateful that I’ve got the opportunity, at least in brief spurts, to examine interests that are close to me.  I’m grateful that January 20th is approaching.

And most of all, I’m glad to be well rid of working for a corporate client whose very existence – at this point – seemed to contradict most of what I believe in, at least in terms of good citizenship and responsible action. It’s easy to dismiss concerns about what a company DOES when you earn a living from them, but those concerns eat at you in the small hours, I think.  They did for me, at least, and I’m glad to be clear of the foul miasma that is Wall Street.

I’ve been struggling with computer repairs.  Our notebook’s been in for repairs two times in the last three days, making posting difficult – but I’m a problogger as of, well, now, so stay tuned for some cool stuff I have planned.  I’m debating buying a new laptop, but I’m seriously considering – for the first time – buying an Apple or a Linux machine because I just can’t take the bloat that is Windows Vista.  Argh.  All I want is a clean boot and a web browser….

And finally, in a blogging sense I’m deeply grateful for, well, you. If you weren’t reading, I’d still be doing this, to be honest.  At the same time, anyone who tells you they don’t love feedback from readers is nuts – getting comments and emails (bripblap at is an amazing experience for me.

Thanks, and enjoy Thanksgiving Day.

Excuse a personal note here 🙂 Since I know she reads this on a bit of a lag from the time I write it, I’m thankful more than anything for my Bubelah 🙂

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