Sunday poll – problem solved

I was thinking about Blog Action Day and came up with this question:  if you could solve one problem in your life with a snap of your fingers, what would it be?  Large, small, doesn’t matter – but if you could correct it effortlessly, without cost to anyone, what would you do?

(And omit bigtime health problems, which I think would obviously be the first choice – i.e. nothing like "aging")

4 Replies to “Sunday poll – problem solved”

  1. I would change the mentality of most people regarding the environment. Most people think that we do not need to care about the environment, because whatever happens today (species extinction, global warming, etc.) is part of the natural selection.

    If I could just snap my fingers and change something, I’d change their mentality. I’d make everybody more conscious of and respectful to their environment.

  2. One problem that I’d like to solve in my personal life would be to simultaneously live where I do and also live within easy reach of the rest of my family. This is not something that’s likely to be solved without the help of magic.

    If I could solve a problem for the whole world, I’d like people to start doing what they think/know is right and stop doing what they think/know to be wrong.

  3. Where should I retire??? With two grown children (and their families) living in different cities, which one should I live near? It’s a real conundrum and I don’t know how to solve it. So if I could snap my fingers and solve one personal problem, I would want both of my children to move to the same city!

  4. The visual environment! Every day my eyes are assaulted by the result of ineffective urban planning: the strip malls, the store buildings and tract homes that pop up everywhere, the lack of green spaces in areas that need them, the acres and acres of paved parking lots, over land that could be used to grow things, all for the convenience of people who shop out of boredom or because they believe that buying more cheap stuff will make them happier.

    Our environment suffers, and flooding is worse because wetlands are filled and paved (and the water has to go somewhere!). And in this country, and others around the world, people are going hungry while fertile soil is buried under more asphalt, strip malls, and huge new homes with chemically-treated lawns.

    And we all suffer psychologically, from being deprived of the natural world and from having to look at the incessant ugliness around us (at least those of us who live in the USA). If I could snap my fingers, it all would be gone in an instant, replaced with eco-friendly housing built in clusters with shops dotted about, with farms and forests around them.

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