Sunday poll – popular or rich?

Another Sunday poll. This time I am curious about whether you actually visit the blogs you read, or just read posts through RSS. I read through RSS because it’s easier at work. Yes, I read blog posts at work, sue me. I do feel that I’m missing a lot by not directly visiting the sites. Some of my favorites have a lot going for them that you don’t see in the RSS feed – The Digerati Life is full of pictures and graphs; The Simple Dollar always has a busy comment section on every post from an active community; Get Rich Slowly has several non-blog areas that are well worth looking at; and on and on. At almost every site, if you read RSS only, you are missing:

  • Comments
  • Blogrolls, other sidebar-type information
  • A more pleasant graphic experience that tells me a little bit about the person
  • A chance to support the blogger if they are running ads – that’s a big one

So here is the question – if you could be in one of these two situations, which would you prefer?

1. Your blog has 19,000 RSS subscribers, making it one of the largest blogs out there. It has developed a huge following, but they just read and don’t comment. When people do visit the site they never click the ads; advertising revenue is a very low amount and doesn’t cover much more than the coffee you need to keep you awake early in the morning while you crank out posts.


2. Your blog has very few subscribers and hardly ever gets posts or repeat visitors, but your click-through rates on advertising are phenomenal and you make a significant amount of money (not retire-and-blog-full-time money, but enough that you can pay for your mortgage with blogging, for example). The information is useful, but more of a one-off type of information; maybe your blog is “hot stock tip of the week” or “credit card offers.” It is quality information, but not the kind people keep coming back for.

What do you think?