summer colds, and links

I don’t know if there is anything more pathetic than a kid with a summer cold.  While the sun shines and the grass gleams, my two kids are hacking and coughing and drifting listlessly around the house with a nasty virus.  Both have had fairly high fevers which makes taking them out in the hot sun seem like a bad idea, so cabin fever is mounting (for them and us).

But that’s a summer cold for you. 

A few summer-themed posts – all good reads if you have a lawn and/or kids:

Free Summer Activities for Kids: The library is the #1 place, in my opinion – the kids never get tired of it, and it’s easier on parents than running around the park.

The Cost of Maintaining the Perfect Lawn: It’s fairly substantial, depending on how you approach it …

Summer Yard Prep for Pennies: … but here are a few good tips on how to get the yard looking nice.

And if you haven’t read the funny Wall Street trader letter that’s gone around the Internet, read This Wall Street Trader Wants Your Job. It’s going to either crack you up or make you furious.

And a few more links:

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