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Based on my earlier post, I would like to start a new meme: I commit publicy to….

If you haven’t participated in one before, you basically post on it, or leave a comment on it, then “tag” someone else (ask them to answer it). So here goes:

What one goal have you always had privately that you would be willing to commit to publicly – right now? Post it and give a public commitment to stick to it!

It can be as simple as “waking up at 6 every day” or as ambitious as “be financially free in 10 years” or as silly as “I will stop watching American Idol.”

Give it some thought, and let ‘er rip! Put it on your own blog and link back here, or just comment on this post, and I’ll occasionally post summaries from everyone’s site. Email me if you want to make sure I add you to the list. That’s going to ensure that your commitment will be seen by more and more people.

We will see where this goes…I’ll start by tagging:

Quest for Four Pillars
Money Socket
The Money Gardener
I’ve Paid For This Twice Already…
Ask Dong
plonkee money
How I Will Be Rich
Cash Money Life
Lazy Man and Money
My Two Dollars
Saving for a Home of My Own
The Digerati Life
Millionaire Mommy Next Door
A Penny Closer
The Finance Castle
The Financial Blogger
The Wealthy Canadian
Drinkin’ Guinness in the 416
Rather Be Shopping

And if you aren’t on the list but read this – consider yourself tagged 🙂

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20 Replies to “public declaration”

  1. Ditto what Pinyo says… I’m going to have to think about this one for a little bit. Then, I’ll probably post in a couple weeks. (I’m thinking mine is procrastination!) 😉

  2. Count me in as well. Great idea BB. Nothing better than a public declaration to keep you on the straight and narrow. I will give it some thought.

  3. I’m afraid and embarrassed to admit this publicly but I pledge to stop overeating, binge eating or emotional eating. Whichever the correct way to describe the problem.

    I’m not overweight thankfully but I’d like to get control of my binge eating tendencies. It’s been an on/off again struggle lately. It usually happens when I’m eating by myself at home or if I’m having a particularly bad day at work. I stuff myself with food until I’m sick to calm my nerves or to reduce my stress levels.

    I’ve been able to manage a few days during the week and then something happens and I’m off track again. But I know the longer the wait is until I hear about this job I interviewed for, the higher the chances I’ll slip up and over eat.

    So I’m hoping the blogosphere can somehow hold me accountable so I’m not using food to solve my problems.

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  7. Here is my commitment.
    Thanks for giving me the idea!

    I think this is a great way of taking action and commit.

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