public declaration and some news

Mike over at Four Pillars pointed out (quite correctly) that I haven’t actually made a public declaration myself. I didn’t want anything I said to give anyone any ideas, so I was holding off, but fair enough!

Mine is simple but difficult: always think positively.

I have struggled with this recently. I’ve been in what I call a blap period, struggling with a lot of minor problems. Nothing terrible, but a lot of small stuff adds up. I’ve been eating poorly and gained some weight. My exercise program is really hitting the skids. I’ve been tired a lot as my son’s been teething and sleeping very poorly for several weeks, keeping me from getting a solid night’s sleep for a while. My commute isn’t bad, but it’s long and it’s taking hours out of my day. My client is a nice place to work but the actual job duties are boring. Cold weather is arriving and I’m not a cold weather fan, at all.

So I have been using my Vulcanized Rubber Happy Thoughts Maker and reading (and re-reading) one of my favorite inspirational books, Think and Grow Rich. You might think that’s just about money from first glance, but it’s not. Napoleon Hill has a lot to say about attitude and desire and focus, and I find it very uplifting.

My goal, therefore, is to keep this up and not let small things get me down! We found out recently that baby #2 is on the way so we’ve got all the happiness (but nervousness and stress) that come with thinking another Little Buddy (or Buddette) is fast approaching. The challenges will double but so will the baby energy – and that’s a good thing, and worth staying positive about.  I will avoid moping, or dwelling on negatives, and try to maintain a positive outlook – because life is generally pretty good any way you look at it, but at a minimum, it’s the only one we have.  The only thing we truly control in this life are our own thoughts, and I will make sure I control mine.

(the picture is my feet, standing on the Tsar’s mark at the entrance to Red Square. The point? Wherever you are, that’s where you are – that’s always been a strangely deep thought for me).