new feature – free magazines

A slight break from my usual routine – I’ve added a new feature that’s pretty interesting (to me, at least). You’ll notice I’ve added a “Magazines” link above, and it takes you to a page where you can subscribe to magazines – for free.

Most of these magazines are ad-supported, so they do need you to sign up to increase readership. I do get a commission if you do sign up. Some of the magazine offers are “subscribe for a few issues then pay” type of offers, so be careful that you don’t commit yourself to something you don’t want.

I can say some of them, like CFO magazine, are fantastic resources – I’ve been subscribing to CFO for as long as I can remember and I’ve never paid a dime. I read it cover to cover every month. It’s a testament to the power of advertising, I guess, but it’s a fascinating read and it’s free.

So hopefully you’ll find that useful – let me know if you have any questions about the service!

And as long as we are talking about free, don’t forget about Revolution Money Exchange and Prosper. I can’t make it any more straightforward: sign up through those links, get money for free. You have to provide banking info to get the money out, true, but I did it and didn’t have any trouble – so give it a shot! I love the idea that RME is going to challenge PayPal (which I also like), simply because I like the idea that new companies take on old companies and the competition, overall, makes everyone better.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jan the manson {condemns stealing pictures}