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A slight break from my usual routine – I’ve added a new feature that’s pretty interesting (to me, at least). You’ll notice I’ve added a “Magazines” link above, and it takes you to a page where you can subscribe to magazines – for free.

Most of these magazines are ad-supported, so they do need you to sign up to increase readership. I do get a commission if you do sign up. Some of the magazine offers are “subscribe for a few issues then pay” type of offers, so be careful that you don’t commit yourself to something you don’t want.

I can say some of them, like CFO magazine, are fantastic resources – I’ve been subscribing to CFO for as long as I can remember and I’ve never paid a dime. I read it cover to cover every month. It’s a testament to the power of advertising, I guess, but it’s a fascinating read and it’s free.

So hopefully you’ll find that useful – let me know if you have any questions about the service!

And as long as we are talking about free, don’t forget about Revolution Money Exchange and Prosper. I can’t make it any more straightforward: sign up through those links, get money for free. You have to provide banking info to get the money out, true, but I did it and didn’t have any trouble – so give it a shot! I love the idea that RME is going to challenge PayPal (which I also like), simply because I like the idea that new companies take on old companies and the competition, overall, makes everyone better.

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3 Replies to “new feature – free magazines”

  1. Well, the FAQ says “While subscriptions to all the trade publications on the web sites are free, some publications offer a limited “free trial period” followed by a solicitation for a paid subscription should the reader wish to continue receiving the magazine. never invoices for subscriptions.

    Doing business in today’s competitive environment requires a serious commitment to stay abreast of trends and technology, and every business needs a technology infrastructure to perform effectively and efficiently. Trade publications and their advertisers want to give you information you need to do business. It’s worth it to them to give you the magazine free because you have a genuine need for the information and products described therein. Advertisers need a vehicle to deliver their message to you which justifies spending advertising dollars to give subscriptions for free.”

    It’s not my company, so I would still have to say “read the fine print,” but there’s no catch. Like I said, I’ve subscribed to CFO forever, and I’ve never paid a cent!

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