my latest tax deduction

“The joy of having a baby today can only be expressed in two words: tax deduction.”

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By the time most of you read this post, I will probably be sitting and waiting. Whether I’m sitting and waiting hand and foot on my wife and daughter or still waiting for the doctors to catch up to their schedule remains to be seen. I feel somewhat superstitiously trepidation writing something like this in advance of the event, but today my wife’s C-section was scheduled and we were off to the hospital for our (ever so slightly early) 6:30 am appointment.

Creative Commons License photo credit: mape_s

Preparing for a child is a funny exercise. We have been running around, cleaning, organizing, buying and returning for months now. Our son has been fed a steady diet of “I’m a Big Brother” books and given a baby girl doll to care for. We think we’re ready.

And of course you never are… I fully expect to be hit in the head with a brick just like I was when my son was born. The brick was the “wow, I’m a father! uh-oh, I’m a father!” brick. It was followed closely by the “can humans actually survive on this little sleep” brick, by the way.

Posts will still be appearing but forgive me if I’m a little slow replying to emails or comments for a few days! Actually the real chaos will begin early next week when Bubelah and the baby (gotta think of a nickname like Little Buddy has) come home!