mindhack: gratitude rock

Another nice little mindhack from The Secret:

I took a small rock I found in a box of childhood junk and I carry it in my pocket. Whenever I stick my hand in my pocket and touch it, I think of something I’m grateful for. That’s it. Yet at the same time, the result is surprising, because I feel much happier and more confident about my actions throughout the day.  I have no idea if it’s related but more money has been flowing in from more sources since I started doing it late last week, too.  I’m willing to assume that it’s being attracted in – why not?

I know some of these ideas may sound a little corny, but they work. Give it a shot, and let me know if it works!

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  1. Your high ASCII characters such as the fancy apostrophes and quotes are showing up as two question marks “??” in your RSS feed. Makes for a somewhat amusing read.

  2. Oh brother, I know a bunch of people who read “the secret”. Their wishes never came true. Then they assume, I wasn’t thinking about it hard enough or whatever. Personally I don’t believe in that stuff. What happened to good old hard work.

    I wish, in a calm, safe manner, in a way that nobody gets hurt, that every1 would stop reading “the secret”. 🙂 that how u supposed to do it?

  3. I’m going to have to agree with several recent comments about the new-age attraction stuff. As Thomas Edison so famously said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” And while I’m being trite, there’s the old saying that “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.” While there may be a bit of luck involved in success, mostly success means getting a good idea and then working really hard to make it happen. Being grateful for what you have is wonderful and admirable. You should be grateful everyday, but actions are what make consequences. You have to get out there and work. And sometimes, no matter how hard we work, things don’t turn out the way we want. That’s part of life and, as Edison would have told us, our failures teach us more than our successes.

  4. I find it very useful to turn my mind to the positive, since it’s so easy to dwell on negative or current stressors (or just watching Buffy episode Seeing Red). I don’t expect miracles from it, though, just to have a slightly easier time dealing with things.

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  6. Good for you, Steve!

    Please don’t be discouraged by the naysayers. Some people have so many energetic blocks that it is extremely hard for them to utilize the law of attraction. I feel sorry for them, but at the same time, I know it doesn’t change the law of attraction.

    Personal actions and efforts are important, of course. However, thinking success can be achieved by actions alone is short-sighted and arrogant.

    It is more like the heaven (or God or whatever you call) rewards us when we put in out effort AND love / gratitude.

  7. I agree that actions alone are not enough. But that is because action doesn’t happen without intention. Intention, however, requires action to manifest.

    Every religion/belief system/ethical code/personal success story/whatever includes a “law of attraction”, so I’m always amused when we call it “the secret”. It is, I think, the most common piece of knowledge we have.

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