losing it

Shalechet (Fallen Leaves)Just when I thought things were just about as chaotic as they could get – car troubles, work insanity, stress, etc. – I had to lose my USB key that had some personal information on it during my morning commute. On the off chance that someone found it and decided to check out brip blap (since that’s where I kept all of my drafts for future posts), please call the number on the key – there’s a cash reward, no questions asked.

I’m sure there are a number of lessons to be learned about putting personal information on a USB key, or a laptop, or a phone, or even in a notebook. Too late for that lesson to apply to me.  I had password protection on MOST of the files on the key, but paranoia has required that I spend most of the evening changing my password on all of our financial sites – banking, brokerage, insurance and so on.  Not to mention sitting around agonizing about the fact that a lot of blog-related work was on that key – now, all gone.

I had made a habit of backing up the key monthly, but of course this was the month I hadn’t gotten around to it so I had to go back almost 60 days to my most recent backup. Again, I’m sure there is a lesson to be learned.  Most of the important documents were backed up, and probably the worst thing that happened was the loss of two months of journal entries.

I have had ideas in the past about switching to a career as a professional life coach, but it’s quite clear to me that you need to be in a mental space where you feel quite confident about your life before you can do that.  I’m not there. You don’t have to have a perfect life, but you do need to feel that you’re in control and moving in the right direction before you can offer people advice.  I thought I was there about a year ago; now I’m not so sure.  I’ve written about losing weight, and managing careers and finance and relationships, and for me all of those things have been a struggle over the last few months.  I don’t know what to attribute it to – as I wrote about a few days ago, I think I have to look primarily at my own mental state.  External events have been annoying, to say the least, but not catastrophic by any measure.

So at least from the blogging point of view, you can bear with me as I’m going to be trying to apply all of the life-improving tips that I give in real time, as I give them, again. I’m trying to work on positivity, my fitness, my career and even on what I think of as the “big to-do” list of everything-that-needs-to-get-done-in-my-life.  It’s certainly not easy, and tonight I made no headway on any of it, but having been through all of this before I’m sure that it’s not impossible to do again.  I’m going to start with my career: the contract consulting for Fortune 50 firms of the Wall Street variety.  It’s not me.  So that’s going to change.  Wish me luck.

photo credit: Shereen M