linklings, who dat edition

The ominous signs of frozen demons emerging from a frosty Hell haven’t occurred yet, although the Saints DID win the Super Bowl.  Who’s next?  The Browns?  Are the Cubs gearing up for a run at the World Series?

Do Kids Inherit Frugality?:  Yes, they do.  I inherited my ideas about money and most importantly my abhorrence for debt from my parents and grandparents.  I didn’t learn it through sad experience, like so many personal finance bloggers.  I never had debt, never touched it, never thought about it.  That wasn’t through my own experience, but through the lessons I learned from the elders of clan Blap.

Underachieve Your Way to Retirement:  An interesting thought that compliments what I wrote about the salt mine.  The highest achievers may not be the first to retire, in my opinion, because they are high achievers who don’t WANT to let off the accelerator.

Credit Terrorist or Twisted Genius?:  I hate anyone who doesn’t pay unsecured debt.  If you run up credit card debt, pay it.  I don’t have as much of a problem with secured debt; if your house is underwater, give up the debt and return the house to its “owner”, the bank.  Technically, they owned it all along and you’re just returning their asset to them.  Credit card debt’s different.  Unless you plan to give Megabank back that dinner at Outback and the Wii, you ought to pay them, or you are a bad person.  Period.