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I’m jumping the gun on something I’ll write about more next week, but I attended a very interesting function this week. It was a launch party for a magazine in which I was a contributing writer, and most of the attendees were entrepreneurs, small business owners or reps of banks and other service companies (payroll, etc.) who served small businesses.  The energy and enthusiasm of people with an entrepreneurial bent versus a similar gathering of corporate types was stunning.

I’ve been to entrepreneurial gatherings before, and attended more corporate events than I can count, but this event reminded me how different the energy is between the two. And I’m not bashing corporate types out of hand; even though I’m not a corporate employee I’m still firmly embedded in corporate life, and consider myself part of corporate culture rather than entrepreneurial culture.  I was impressed by the people I met and made a resolution to start spending more time at networking events for entrepreneurs and less mixing with corporate types, even though that’s where I get my work. Sometimes it’s about inspiration, not trolling for clients.

On to the links:
Census Pre-Notice: Government Waste At Its Finest.:  This letter absolutely appalled me, as well.  This letter, in fact, is the type of thing that makes me sympathize for a few seconds with the ‘small government’ crowd.  Whoever the moron is who decided to send out this letter
Implementing PAYGO Rules For Personal Finances:  Don’t buy something until you either make more money or save on something else.  Radical concept.  I don’t approve of the politics behind the recent shenanigans to block the extension of unemployment benefits, but why this is such a radical concept for DC explains a lot about the mess our country’s in.
How to Negotiate Remote Work With An Employer:  This is the holy grail for me.  Sometimes I manage to convince clients to let me do this, but more often than not they are stuck in “facetime” mentality.
How to Waste $55 in Washington D.C. (Hint: Take a Bus Tour):  I have to be honest – all of the monuments and memorials and whatnot in Washington bore me, with two exceptions:  the Vietnam War memorial (which is deeply moving) and the World War II memorial, which – for me, at least – was “off-the-charts” moving.  Seeing that and seeing the eternal flame outside the Kremlin, which honors the dead of what they call “The Great Patriotic War” is overwhelming when you think of the number of Soviet and Allied forces who died defeating the Axis.  Chilling stuff, particularly given that my head is stuffed full of World War II stories from my mother’s father, ranging from the noble to the horrific.  My father’s father refused to speak one bit about it – being a German-American, speaking German at home and being sent to the German front was apparently not something he ever felt like discussing with anyone.

A few other good reads:

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  1. About the Census Pre-Notice, I wanted to know why they send these out so I did some research. I found that from previous experience the commerce department expects that by sending out these letters they will have a 6 to 12 percent better response rate for the census. Each census form that is mailed back saves the taxpayer about $57, vs .44 for a pre-notice. It's the same reason they're running Superbowl adds and buying billboards.

    1. @Bago: But you're missing the critical stat – does the pre-notification actually increase the response rate? No just expected. And it's not just .44 – it's costs of paper, envelopes, additional burden for the USPS, etc.

      I'm just quibbling, and I get your point – public awareness reduces the need for in-person visits – but it still “smells” excessive.

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