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I’ve been sick for a few days – nothing serious, just a head cold – but nothing puts priorities in perspective like even a small drop-off in energy. Getting the dishes washed – or even, frankly, the hair washed – becomes a struggle when you don’t have energy.  Too often I think productivity gurus focus on the way to get things done rather than the energy needed to get it done.  I could have the greatest productivity system in the world, but if I’m exhausted it won’t do much.  Exercise, diet and proper bodily maintenance (vitamins, etc.) have a lot more to do with productivity than “productivity systems” do.


  • My Thoughts on Frugality vs. Earning More:  Right along my own thought pattern.  Listen, be frugal.  Pay off your debt, and adjust your spending to less than your earnings – and then forget about spending and focus solely on increasing earnings.  There is no secret to wealth that says “make the same wage the rest of your life and live within it.”  In today’s economy, you have to learn how to earn more.
  • 4 Ways to Soften the Sting of Unemployment:  These are desperation tips, but you know what?  You’re unemployed.  Be desperate.  I was mildly desperate when I couldn’t find consulting work after the crisis, and you know what kept me from doing things like this?  An emergency fund – but that having been said, I should’ve imagined I had no emergency fund and lived a bit more…well…frightened.
  • Poll: What Would You Do If You Had a Million Dollars:  Hire a night nanny.  Seriously.
  • Do You Overlook the Indirect Costs?:  I do.  It’s a weakness of mine, particularly in regards to home ownership.  It’s always easy to overloook the “extras” that will be required for any project.
  • Hired a Cleaning Service (and Personal Finance Links):  To quote Larry the Cable Guy:  Git ‘er done.  We had a cleaning service for years in Jersey, and while we don’t have one yet in Florida I remain convinced that this might be some of the best money you ever spend.  Certain people can do certain tasks.  I, for example, do not mind washing dishes.  I really don’t.  I get some satisfaction out of washing dishes by hand.  On the other hand, I detest vacuuming and dusting.  I don’t want to do it, I’d rather leave it for weeks than do it myself.  Hiring a cleaning service in this case?  Reasonable.

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  1. So much has changed I think each generation has to decide for themselves and nothing is expected.I did get my daughter 2nd hand car for graduation,paid for college and wedding-what she does is her family is her business.I was raised Catholic- I no longer consider myself any religion and did not raise my daughter Catholic….religion is very personal in my opinion.

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