linklings, my ache-y break-y tooth edition

Nothing like trying to prepare a post while dealing with the dull, thudding ache of repaired teeth. I had to have a few (three) fillings removed and replaced today (plus some crown repairs and a small-but-critical preventative procedure that was too technical and boring to explain here).  Other than a few fillings – almost all from my distant past – and a lone root canal four years ago, I’ve had healthy teeth.  But I guess as you drift on into middle age, problems are inevitable.  The fillings, for example, have nothing to do with how I’ve cared for my teeth – simply the product of time.  So the pros and cons of filling replacement:


  • My teeth look MUCH better now.  With the new white fillings replaced the old uranium or whatever fillings, my teeth look good as new.
  • Insurance covered about 70% of the cost.
  • The dentist and his assistant did a great job, and other than the discomfort of having to hold my jaws open for two hours I didn’t feel much.


  • Anesthetic wears off, and as I write this I’ve got a dull throb going ka-chuk, ka-chuk right about at the gum line – on both sides of my jaw.  Ugh.
  • What the insurance didn’t cover was over $400.  Nice to pay as much as I do for dental insurance and still have to kick in $400.
  • The fillings were far enough back in my head that nobody other than me will notice, most likely.

Off to the links:

Democracy, Incorporated:  I have steered away from politics on this blog for a while – being, once again, disillusioned and nauseous about the whole thing – and things are just likely to get worse.
Why Do You Want To Be Rich?:  Easy question for me to answer – simply to have options.  It would be nice not to sweat the cost of health insurance, for example.
Saving for College – An Exercise in Depression:  Exactly hits on a point I’ve made before.  You will NOT be able to save enough to fund an expensive private college education for your kids.  Your time and effort is better spent on preparing your own retirement, so you won’t be a burden to your children.   If your kids want to go to a private school in 2026, it’s going to cost more than you could ever possibly save.  Be realistic, people.
No More Mondays And Why Everyday Is Friday Now: I like Dan Miller a lot, too – I enjoy his podcast a lot and I’ve started (slowly) getting into, the social networking site inspired by his works. More on that in a future post.

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  1. Old fillings made of uranium or whatever? LMAO! That was hilarious! I loved your humorous interjection on what is NEVER a fun experience. I sympathize. My teeth have been rotten my whole life, no amount of brushing and dentistry has saved me from having cavities in pretty much every tooth in my head. So at this point I have more fillings then teeth! LMAO!

  2. I have a hole in my tooth and it hurts. Can this be repaired by filling the tooth or will it have to be taken out. It's a nice size hole in a tooth I believe so, I can't get into dentist for a month. What can I do to stop the pain and help the tooth? I tried Ambesol and it doesn't work.

  3. Re: Saving for College. Does the picture you paint here strike you or anyone else as fundamentally wrong? I know it does me. Colleges see no incentive to modernize and become more efficient, because they don't see themselves as businesses. When I was an academic (circa early-mid 1990s), my department chair actually announced that higher education was perfect the way it is, and there was no reason to change it ever. In fact, my college even substantially raised tuition by 10 percent one year, claiming that such an increase would make us seem more selective.

    There is so much wrong with higher education today that your approach (state school) and gaming the cost system is the only way to go, I'm sorry to say.

  4. I feel you on your pros and cons. I know that as a dentist, I hate going to the dentist. I am a self-hating dentist. The numbness followed by the throbbing pain.

    NO wonder we are probably in the top 5 for most hated professionals.

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