linklings, michael jackson passed away edition

michael jackson signatureI had to mention Michael Jackson.  Flexo will explain why. It is one of those watershed pop-culture moments, whether you like him or not.  I am a fan of Elvis, and 32 years after his death people are still mooney about him.  I liked Thriller – who didn’t.  He was around even before that, with albums like Off The Wall.  I remember vividly skating around the rollerskating rink in my hometown while Rock With You droned on.  It was one of those not-quite-fast, not-quite-slow songs where you wondered whether you should do singles skating or try and get a girl to hold hands while you stumbled around the rink.  Good times, whatever else you can say about the guy, I guess.  A few links for the weekend:

Poor Money Choices Ruined My Parents’ Life:  Yikes.  Not much positive here, except that she overcame her parents’ poor choices.

Start A Side Business in the Lazy Days of Summer:  Some excellent advice on starting a side hustle…and Why Everybody Needs A Side Hustle

And a few interesting links from some blogs I haven’t linked to as often…

  • What’s Wrong with The Millionaire Next Door:  Interesting take on a book I like, a lot.  I agree that it’s dry and drifts off into uninteresting areas – too much time wasted on the question of cars, for example.  Yet I find it’s a good book in terms of thinking about what a millionaire looks like, rather than what we might THINK a millionaire looks like.
  • Emergency: This Book Could Save Your Life (Neil Strauss) – Review
  • Two More Virtues of Owning a DogI’m not a dog person, but I’m always willing to listen to someone else’s opinion… I wouldn’t own a dog since that, on top of two toddlers, would seem like a terrible burden, but I understand why other people might enjoy having a dog.
  • 3 Things that Could Cost You Your Dream House: It never hurts to be vigilant. Pay attention to the details.
  • DIY: Getting Dirty with Square Foot Gardening: I aspire to gardening but we got to Florida a bit too late for planting anything this year, unfortunately.

Photo by Alan Light

6 Replies to “linklings, michael jackson passed away edition”

  1. Ha ha…. roller skating days! I paid tribute to MJ too in my own way today… I definitely loved his earlier stuff (pre-1990s) best… especially “Wanna Be Startin' Something” and its covers. There's a nice one by Emm Gryner. I think his death is truly shocking – just came out of nowhere. And he was health conscious. Just goes to show that stress (if that's what did it) really does have serious consequences. I'll always remember where I was and what I was doing when I finally actually heard about his death.

    … and thanks for sharing my article!

  2. I am a big Elvis fan, too. I will always remember where I was then, too. I cried for a long time over his loss.

    As for MJ, I think he was extremely talented, but so sick (mentally ill, in my opinion). It's very sad. I did enjoy his earlier stuff, going all the way back to the Jackson 5 and thru Thriller (which I do own). Fantastic dancer, great entertainer. Just so messed in the head.

  3. Thx for the linkage!

    I will fully admit that some of my financial decisions MAY be irrational when it comes to my dog.

    But, I value my dog's company more than material possessions 🙂

  4. I must be the only person on the planet who hasn't bought Thriller – yet. LOL I too loved MJ's earlier albums and was glued to MTV as a kid in the 80s when he released the Thriller video. Very cool stuff. 😀 Anyhoo, I'm thrilled that you liked my garden post and thank you for the linky love.

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