linklings, michael jackson passed away edition

michael jackson signatureI had to mention Michael Jackson.  Flexo will explain why. It is one of those watershed pop-culture moments, whether you like him or not.  I am a fan of Elvis, and 32 years after his death people are still mooney about him.  I liked Thriller – who didn’t.  He was around even before that, with albums like Off The Wall.  I remember vividly skating around the rollerskating rink in my hometown while Rock With You droned on.  It was one of those not-quite-fast, not-quite-slow songs where you wondered whether you should do singles skating or try and get a girl to hold hands while you stumbled around the rink.  Good times, whatever else you can say about the guy, I guess.  A few links for the weekend:

Poor Money Choices Ruined My Parents’ Life:  Yikes.  Not much positive here, except that she overcame her parents’ poor choices.

Start A Side Business in the Lazy Days of Summer:  Some excellent advice on starting a side hustle…and Why Everybody Needs A Side Hustle

And a few interesting links from some blogs I haven’t linked to as often…

Photo by Alan Light