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I’ve had a busy week, with the in-laws visiting and the external Big 4 auditors a-peckin’ away at work, but I did make a little bit of time for a walk around the blog world. I read a lot of blogs and articles, and I’d divide all of what I read into three categories:  worthless, interesting but not not life-affecting, and interesting and worth keeping in mind.  It’s hard to split the latter two categories, but Guaranteed Goal Achievement: Your Daily, No-Excuses Target from Ali Hale, of Aliventures, who also wrote another great article recently, Blocking Out Time for What Really Matters, was really good.  I only recently started reading Aliventures but now I’m hooked.  I read a few other articles I feel were worth sharing:

The Ultimate Productivity Blog:  Once in a while, you come across a truly useful site – so useful that you can’t see why nobody ever thought of it before.

6 Tips for doing a long-distance job hunt:  Interesting, although I don’t agree completely, having recently conducted a long-distance job hunt.  The main thing is to leverage your existing connections – no matter how tiny.  LinkedIn was a great tool for me in this regard.

Medical Expenses A Common Cause Of Bankruptcy:  This burns me up.  America is the laggard in the Western world.  Opposition to government-supported health care is insane, because whether we have it or not, the insured end up paying for the uninsured eventually.

How NOT To Suck At Blogging:  A fun article if you’re interested in blogging from a guy who’s had a lot of success with his remarkable decision to travel the road less-traveled (and blog about it).

A few more interesting reads:

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  1. I read a lot of blogs and articles But your blog is really impressive you just describe in three category, it is awasome.

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