linklings, world’s smartest man edition


You’ve used the phrase “nice going Einstein” or “good thinking, Sherlock” before, right?  So before Einstein became shorthand for “super smart person,” whose name was used?  Thomas Jefferson?  Copernicus?  Plato?  This thought crossed my mind while watching “Watchmen” on DVD, in which one of the characters is referred to – and not always kindly – as the “world’s smartest man.”  Who was the world’s smartest man before Einstein?  Who will supplant Einstein?  I don’t hear anyone saying “nice going, Stephen Hawking” yet.

A few links for your Sunday reading:

Does Your Salary Match Your True Hourly Wage?:  Good question.  I imagine that for many people, it doesn’t.  I know that since I’ve switched to contract consulting on a hourly basis my HOURLY rate has soared, although I’m probably making less on a yearly basis.

Things vs. experiences: As always, an interesting take from Jacob at ERE. I agree: things have their place. I have enjoyed my mp3 player far, far more than it cost, in a cost/benefit equation. I have similarly enjoyed my bike that I bought a year ago much more than I would have enjoyed a trip to New Orleans, for example. Experiences are great, but things have their place in our lives, as well.

Don’t Have Any Money Saved Up? Start Small and Make Saving Automatic: Yep. Start now. Save a buck today, if you can. It’s more than nothing.

Introducing The Frugal Dad Giving Project: Two points: first of all, a great idea by FD, and second of all, I agree – our nation’s teachers, who work very hard, were given a “tax break” to buy supplies out of their own money. How many of us who work in corporate America would react with smiles and giggles if we were told we could purchase our own binders and paper and pens – but we’d get a tax credit at the end of the year! Short answer: none. Our society’s upside down in terms of education. You may hear a lot of horror stories about teachers’ unions and the big bad education lobby but at the end of the day, teachers are asked to give far, far more than most workers – and their job is far more important to our future.

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