late friday, fresh prince edition

I didn’t get around to posting last night. I had repairmen in my garage at 2 am, and Bubelah and the kids were nervous wrecks from a day of chaos.  Our whole community’s water supply blew up – hydrants exploding, pipes rattling in our house (and our neighbors) enough to shake the foundations.    It was a rough night.  The kids slept through the night – amazingly – but Bubelah and I struggled with the clanging and rattling pipes.  At 6 am I flushed a toilet and the house seemed to blow up with pipes clanging and rattling.  If that wasn’t enough, our electricity was dying for 3 seconds every two hours, just enough to kill the internet connection and our fridge and clocks.  Good times.

So suffice it to say that Friday was a wasted day, both blogging-wise and work-wise. In lieu of a post, I’ll leave you with another inspirational video – yes, I’m doing that even after yesterday’s post – that’s dead on.  I miss running.  I’ve been remiss in running for a while now.  My exercise has slacked off… a lot.  Will Smith is completely right in this video I got via Zen Habits:  run and read.  Everything else is extra.