how to make millions, now

I know that things look bad now. I grimace every time I peek at the market.  I work in the financial services industry, and trust me, it’s bad.  Real bad.  I know that we still have room to fall.

Yet I have the same conversation with my co-workers over and over again. One of two things will happen here.  One possibility is that we will enter a massive and unprecendented period of stagnation, and those of us relying on the market for our retirements will be in dire straits.  The other possibility is that this market downturn, like 1987, like 1999-2000, like 2002, is temporary.

So imagine if the bad scenario occurs. Investments in the market plunge, the dollar is replaced by the amero (google it), and revolution occurs.  In the good scenario, however, we emerge in a few years from the current mess with a weakened but still whole system, and the market resumes a slow climb.  In the bad scenario, we are on the ropes, not just as an economic superpower but as a country.  In the good scenario, we still have a few rough years ahead but we’ll manage to pull ourselves (and the rest of the world) out of the abyss.

I prefer to assume the good scenario’s going to happen, at least from an investment point of view. If the bad scenario’s coming, then all of my savings are more or less worthless, anyway.  If the good scenario is true, then money put in the market now will buy securities at a discount. Fortunes are out there to be made.

I like to look out the window once in a while and remember that people are still eating at McDonald’s; people are still buying food at the supermarket and socks at the department stores. The media would like to confuse all of us and convince us that a market downturn is an economic downturn – and while the two are closely related, they aren’t the same thing.  People who are ready to take on risk now are going to profit from the fear and panic selling of uninformed people now.   Make sure you’re positioned to profit and not part of the panic.  And look on the bright side – if I’m wrong, we’re all going down anyway.  That’s a plus, isn’t it?  Isn’t it?