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I’m sure like many people, I feel fairly overwhelmed day-to-day with all the things that need to be done.  I had attempted to manage this (twice) by implementing Getting Things Done by David Allen, with initial success but little long-term progress.  I’ve recently plateaued out on my second implementation and I’m again searching for something that’s actually sustainable.  I think to be a productive person, you’ve got to – if nothing else – maintain a list of the things you need to do and actually do them.  They can range from small and inconsequential to massive and critical.  But you need to capture them all.  I’ve tried method after method and always found myself reverting to Post-It Notes and ink on my hand (“remember to get cereal”).

What are the best ways to stay productive?  I’m not sure I know, yet.  I’ll have to keep looking, I guess.

I’ve missed the roundup for a few weeks, but I’m back on track.  For a day.

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