happy independence day!

Creative Commons License photo credit: *Micky

For the Americans out there, enjoy Independence Day! I spread my fair share of gloom and doom about ye olde Union, but it’s still the only functional democracy in North America.  Except for Canada.  And except for the last 16 years, we’ve all managed to pull together as a country to solve the big problems.

But today’s not just about grills and beers, although in a way it should be.  Never has a nation had so many citizens so prosperous and so safe for so long.  There are a lot of problems with the US – a LOT – but it’s still one of the top name brands out there and the only thing to prevent us from greatness is ourselves.  I said that in 2004, too, but I’ll start saying it again because apparently it didn’t sink in last time.

Enjoy the holiday! And long after the warm fuzzies have worn off from July 4th, remember that you only owe one thing to repay the good times you have today – vote in November.