forgot a festival!


I made a mistake when I put together my roundup post yesterday! I forgot to add that I participated in the Festival of Frugality this week, as well. My article High quantity versus high quality was included.

My picks from the festival include:

  • Simple Frugality – Conservation: Quite simply, you need to conserve for reasons beyond frugality, but if it saves some money along the way, hey, who am I to complain? (@Investing Lessons)
  • Create A Shopping List To Stop You From Buying Anything: This is something that to this day kills me at the supermarket, Lowe’s, Staples, you name it. Keeping a list of what you need and really sticking to that list is tough, but I think it has to be done. Otherwise, you’ll end up with the AM/FM/CD/Laser/Toastmaker that you “need”. (@My Two Dollars)
  • Lifestyle and Spending Choices: This is a great article if you ever think that there’s any sort of magic bullet to achieving financial freedom. From a guy who’s done it, some basic tips. I struggle terribly with the idea of REALLY downsizing my life (satellite connection, getting rid of one car, etc.) but my family has put up with a lot of drastic lifestyle reductions in the last few years (going from two salaries to one contract consulting income while at the same time going from no kids to one kid with one on the way). I don’t want to go too far… but maybe we should. This article’s definitely food for thought. (@My Wealth Builder)

I wanted to quickly highlight one more addition to the public declaration lists: Eric from A Penny Closer plans on taking the one day lab component for his certification by the end of April of next year. He also has some great thoughts in the post on being determined to retake it even if he doesn’t succeed at first.