Finding Room for Mindfulness in Small Spaces

small house


small house

When you live in a small space, especially a shared space, it can be difficult to find a way to create the appropriate setting for mindfulness or meditation. If you are persistent and creative, you can create a space that will allow you to meditate quietly in almost any location. The key is to discipline your mind so that your surroundings play a small part in your ability to remain mindful for a period.

Create Temporary Space with Folding Room Dividers

If you feel the need to block yourself from the rest of the room while you are meditating, a small room divider can be a convenient way to create a tiny mindful space. Dividers are available in many different colors and textures to suit your needs. You can unfold the divider to block yourself from the rest of the room while you meditate, then fold it up and put it away again when you are no longer using it. The divider can be effective even if it only blocks one side of the space. It is not necessary to block off four walls or pen yourself in entirely.

Transforming a Corner of Your Room

Sharing a space with a roommate can make it more challenging to set apart a special area for mindfulness. Try to find an area of the home that is strictly yours, like the bedroom. Place a simple candle on your nightstand, and light it when you are in the room for meditating purposes. When you light the candle, consider your bedroom a quiet and safe place. When the candle is not lit, you can use your room all of the other purposes it serves.

Taking Time Away From Home

Some people find that they need to go outside of their homes in order to be fully mindful. Your car can be a wonderful private place for meditation. The seats in many cars can be more comfortable than traditional sofas or armchairs. Park in a comfortable place where you know you will not experience interruptions. Anywhere that allows you to park and sit alone for half an hour will be fine. Since your car is movable, you have more control over the noise level than you would have inside a shared home.

Mindfulness Does not Rely Entirely on Location

Once you gain discipline with your meditations, you may find that you don’t need to set apart a specific space to be mindful. You can meditate in your favorite chair in the main room of the house. You might prefer to create a mindful space while leaning against some pillows in your bedroom. The peace of mind that you bring to the space when you are centered and fully mindful will transform any area into the right place for being mindful. You might never be comfortable meditating in a room full of talking people, but you may be able to create a peaceful place in a corner of your home that is not strictly set apart.

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