economic patriotism, and links

I spent this evening watching “What Would Jesus Buy” and found it thoroughly entertaining – and sobering. One of the issues I’ve grown increasingly aware of is where the things I buy come from.  I am still an awful consumer in many ways, but I’ve started making the effort to at least glance at the “made in” labels on things I buy.  If I have a choice I’ll buy American.  If I have a choice between buying an item at a national chain or going to a locally owned store, I’ll go local.  It’s a bit of economic nationalism, and you have to make a commitment to it on many levels.  It’s not always as convenient and it’s very often not at all frugal.  I often blur the two:  I’ll buy American-made tools at Home Depot if I can, although maybe I’d do more for my community going to the local hardware store and buying Malaysian-made tools.  But I do try to be a bit more conscious of what I’m buying and where it’s from.  Supporting local stores and domestically-produced goods is a good way to show patriotism – far more so than, say, buying a “support the troops” magnet for your bumper that was made in Thailand.

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  1. if you are an engineer or a doctor you wouldn't have such a commitment such as buy “Made in”. However I agree to support locally owned stores.

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