I came across this piece in the New York Times. It’s an odd video, and I’m sure I’m person number four million to link to it or write about it. This Matt Harding guy has created quite the little viral video.

Bear with it – it seems a little stupid at first, but it’s an oddly uplifting video. I just thought it was a nice piece to lead into the weekend.

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  1. I’ve watched his videos since the first one a few years ago- they are oddly touching. I really like when he dances with the Indian dancers in this one.

  2. Yes, it’s great! If you go check out his blog, there’s a lot of interesting how-we-did-it information, including a thread where many of the participating dancers from round the world check in. I like the backstory to the music. It’s a Rabindranath Tagore poem (in bengali, my husband’s language) and they basically found a 16 year old bangladeshi-american kid in minnesota or somewhere to do it. The producers had their doubts, but she totally nailed it.

  3. I also had to add that I don’t think any of it seemed silly at all. I was moved by it from the very beginning. I also was amazed that this guy filmed one of his dances in one of the more remote places from my native country. Seeing the little kids run around him so joyfully was quite powerful indeed.

  4. I love this video! I had seen a while ago, but it still makes me smile every time.

    It really gives you appreciation of the world and all the cultures in it. Thanks for posting. 😀

  5. Right on. Gives me back my faith in humanity!:) Thank God for ideas and people like this:) I love it. Yeah, I also didn’t think it was silly at all. Rockin’.

  6. This video was such a mood booster for me! Very contagious! Makes you want to get up and dance too.

  7. Love it. the music is strangely haunting and peaceful, and the dancing is leaves a contagious feeling of joy. It’s an interesting combination that works very well.

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