cnbc smackdown

Even though blogs originated as simple linkfests – a way to promote interesting stuff the author had read here and there throughout the web – most blogs today don’t follow that pattern. I view my blog, for example, as more of a one-man magazine, or a standalone opinion column.  The link roundups tend to be more utilitarian – they are primarily amongst and between other bloggers, rather than links to sites or news articles.  My other site (which I will eventually reveal if I get brave enough to de-anonymize) is mostly commentary on other people’s articles.

So for this Friday, I’m regurgitating someone else’s original content, because – at least for today – the author of the content said it and did it better than I could have hoped to do. The Daily Show lacerates CNBC and windbag Rick Santelli in particular.  Santelli’s rant about the “stupid people” who bought into – among others – CNBC’s declarations that the stock market and the real estate market COULD go up forever and ever should serve as a true embarrassment to journalism.   I resent people who paid too much for their homes, trying to speculate, as much as the next person, but not NEARLY as much as I resent the corporate behemoths who love to blather about capitalism while rooting for the next government bailout.

So I turn it over to Mr. Stewart. This is comedy at its most gut-wrenching – the audience can’t even laugh at some of the black humor and instead they just groan.