catching up

Today I’m just going to highlight a few of my older posts in case you just started reading recently.

  • Little Buddy doesn’t watch much TV other than an occasional DVD to keep him distracted when he gets too anxious, but I think we have already managed to make him love books more than TV. Here are some of my thoughts on early childhood reading.
  • I didn’t realize it at the time but by calculating my true hourly rate I was doing one of the steps from “Your Money or Your Life“.
  • I have some fairly strong priorities that sometimes make my financial life a bit difficult, but it’s all part of my slowly-developing philosophy of taking a relaxed approach to finance.
  • I spent about two years living and working overseas (in Moscow, Russia) and I still think it was the single best career decision I ever made.
  • My random thoughts on investing a couple of months ago, when the market was riding high, have turned out to be more or less true. Selling off a big stock holding at the peak of the market made a significant difference in my grandparents’ retirement savings.

Check out the blogs on my blogroll, too, and if you have any interest in trading “guest posts” or a link exchange let me know. I can’t promise anything but it’s something I’d like to do long-term to keep building a sense of community at my blog and others’ blogs. I love all of the comments I’m getting – keep them coming!