There are two great carnivals up this week:  first, The Carnival of Personal Finance at Money, Matter and More Musings  and  the Carnival of Money Stories at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already.  As always, I’m grateful that my posts were included, particularly since the editing process seems to be getting much tougher!   I linked to them below, but first check out a few of the other submissions I liked:

Gather Little by Little‘s "A Night At The County Fair – Memories are priceless" is a nice example of how, once in a while, you just need to let go a bit.  Mastercard’s omnipresent "priceless" commercials are, of course, commercials, but their message is often pretty true.  Here’s a real life example.  Unlimited rides:  $75.  Bottle of water: $4.  Happy night with the family:  priceless.

You Know It’s Bad When The Furniture Gives Up at A Penny Closer will be appearing soon on FOX as "When Furniture Attacks!"  The great point of the post is that stuff that’s neatly organized on a shelf looks important and worth saving; in a pile on the floor it looks like, well, junk.

Growing Up has a good introspective post on The Cost of Fear.  I think this is something a lot of people struggle with – the fear of "no" should never be responsible for affecting your finances, though – there’s too much at stake. 

The Financial Blogger has My New Objective:  $1,500 per Month and he has the right idea.  It’s not always about saving more – sometimes it has to be about earning more.  Making enough extra money to be able to afford a stay-at-home-parent is a great goal, and having a desire to reach that goal is the first step.  Here’s hoping he manages to reach it!

In the same vein SVB at The Digerati Life has Why I Want To Retire Early, Change Roles and Live On One Income.  I was going to explain what the post is about but I think the title is pretty clear.  It’s always hard to make big life decisions, particularly when you have kids.  I know that the year I was quitting my corporate senior manager job, going into consulting, buying a house, Bubelah quitting her job and getting pregnant was a crazy, stressful year – but it worked out.  Sometimes things just work themselves out if you want them to badly enough, and are willing to make them work.

Finally, my two posts:  first, my post on buying a grill was included in the 26th edition of the Carnival of Money Stories and part 1 of my posts on "Getting Rich Made Simple" was included at the Carnival of Personal Finance.  Part 2, if you’re interested, is here.

Thanks to the hosts for all of the hard work putting these together.  It takes me a while to do all the links for this roundup post, so I can’t even imagine how much effort it takes to do the whole carnival!

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  1. Thanks for the link, and I agree, paidtwice did an incredible job weaving the various postings into a really good story.

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