The Carnival of Peer-to-Peer Lending: 2nd edition

Welcome to the January 20, 2008 edition of carnival of peer-to-peer lending. Peer-to-peer lending is a new but growing area for people looking for alternative investments. I’ve just recently started lending at Prosper, and I’m excited to keep learning more about lending AND borrowing in the peer-to-peer world. Thanks for visiting, and let’s get started!


Amanda presents Me vs. Debt: Hey Prosper Lenders! Question from a Borrower… posted at Me Vs. Debt, saying, “Just wondering what the general consensus might be on refinancing a good borrower with not so good credit. I’m well aware that most lenders steer clear of low rating borrowers, but what if they had a good payment history? ”

RateLadder presents Maximize the Chance of Funding Your Listing with Not-So-Obvious Tips posted at Prosper Blog: Prosper, the online marketplace for people-to-people lending, with a few interesting and not so obvious tips. RateLadder also presents Prosper Vintage Curve Update — 1/1/2008 posted at Rate Ladder where he presents some updated vintage curves.

Pinyo presents My Second P2P Loan On Prosper posted at Moolanomy. After making his second loan, Pinyo has a few more thoughts on lending at Prosper. He also inspired an interesting debate in the comments to his post on the ethics of lending through p2p sites.

Tom presents Fynanz to tackle peer to peer student loan niche posted at Prosper Lending Review, saying, “Fynanz is a new peer to peer lending start-up that will focus on the student loan market. This is an interview with Chirag Chaman the CEO and founder.”

Peer-Lend presents Prosper Lending: Interest Rate & Bidding Guidance posted at Peer-Lend says Prosper has recently done something wonderful for current and future Prosper Lenders. But I bet you don’t know what it is – or, if you do, why it’s so unbelievably important. If you don’t know what’s being talked about, you should read this article. Peer-Lend also submitted Gaming the Lending Club 5% Bonus Promotion. If you have some capital and you’re interested in making a little extra money off Lending Club’s new promotion, this article has a clever idea for “gaming” your 5% into (up to) $20,000!

Wiseclerk presents P2P lending trends to expect in 2008 posted at If you’re wondering what to expect in the world of peer-to-peer lending in the year ahead, here are a few predictions.

Brett presents Lending Club Statistics: Rejecting Most Loan Applications posted at Personal Loan Portfolio. This statistic really surprised me: only 11.2% of all loans submitted to Lending Club were approved for listing. I’m not sure if that’s just due to Lending Club being new in the market, but it is unexpected.

What is Peer to Peer Lending? posted at Money Smart Life. A great primer for anyone new to the world of peer-to-peer lending.

The Dough Roller presents How I Overcame My Fear of Lending Money on posted at The Dough Roller. If you just finished reading Money Smart Life’s introduction and now you’re wondering about how to get over your initial anxiousness at entering this new arena, this post will help you in addressing your fear of lending money through Prosper and other P2P lending sites.

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