Carnival of Careers #2

Welcome to the June 9, 2008 edition of carnival of careers! There were a LOT of submissions to the carnival – unfortunately I had to reject a fairly significant portion of them for being off-topic. Remember, if you’re submitting to the carnival, it has to be a career-related article. The next edition’s not going to be posted here – scroll down to the end and you’ll find out where it’ll be!

Here’s my “bonus read” before the carnival gets underway: do you love your job, or your paycheck?

Editor’s picks:

Here are my picks for “the best of the best” for this edition of the carnival!

Akemi Gaines presents If I have to work for an idiot, I may as well work for myself: Tony Lawrence posted at Yes to Me. Part of Akemi’s Interview With Successful Entrepreneurs, this is a good look at the entrepreneurial route as a career path.

freefrombroke presents By What Cover Is Your Book Judged? posted at Free From Broke. How are you perceived in the workplace? Make sure you are giving out the right impression. Oddly enough, you can be judged by the impression you give rather than the work you do.

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Jose DeJesus MD presents Motivating Employees by Paying Them to Quit posted at Physician Entrepreneur. This is an interesting concept, and one I think more companies will make use of in the future.

Cash Money Life presents How to Resign Gracefully posted at Cash Money Life. These are some good tips on how to write a good resignation letter and resign gracefully.

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Andrew Heath presents Earning Trust from the Bottom Up posted at Andy. Earning trust starts with yourself.

Michael. presents Beauty and the Beast: How Attractiveness Affects Your Life posted at International Law News. Could corporations – gasp – hire based on appearance?

David Stefan presents Interview Etiquette posted at Career Confidant: Job Insight from Dave. This post is about more than answering the right questions and wearing a suit; these are some of the smaller habits that can cost candidates the job.

RC presents 10 Great Ways For College Graduates to Start Off on the Right Track with Their Finances posted at Think Your Way to Wealth. Before you even get your career underway, get those finances under control.

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Presh Talwalkar presents Whats More Important than Your Career? The Answer is Right Under Your Nose posted at Mind Your Decisions. Presh makes a convincing case that your health is the ultimate source of your career success.


Anna Goldsmith presents Five Tips for a Successful Freelance Writing Career posted at Copyblogger. If you’ve every thought about freelance writing as a career, these would be some good starting points!

Adrian Savage presents How to Cope with More of Those Pesky Distractions – Stepcase Lifehack posted at


That concludes this edition. The next edition of the carnival will be hosted by Cash Money Life! Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of careers using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. Some good stuff listed there. I especially like I Have to Work For an Idiot…don’t we all. So, when we get promoted are we the idiots? That’s depressing.

  2. I had to go through and read this twice…was I an editor’s pick?!? Thanks so much! And thank you for creating this carnival. There’s lots of great info here!

  3. Steve, thanks for hosting! I was on vacation when this went live and I’m still catching up… Wow, it’s been a rough couple weeks! 🙂

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