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As part of my effort to keep growing Brip Blap, I’ve written a few guest posts. I was very, very grateful to be given the opportunity to write a couple of guest posts this week for two great blogs, and I’m looking forward to writing more guest posts and hopefully accepting some guest posts on this blog. Please take a few minutes to share the click-through site visitor magic for my two hosts:

and the big one, which stunned me, frankly:

USA Today – Camping Frugally

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  1. Congrats! Lucky for you that Finance is Personal is signed up for blogburst — they like you, you should sign up too!

    Not that I know anything about what it takes to sign your blog up with blogburst lol.

    Yay guest posts! Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Way to go!

    I’ve thought about doing guest posts but the thought of some of my material sitting on someone else’s blog just drives me nuts. Call me crazy!


  3. Great camping post!! I’m planning a trip in October, and I need to get a new back pack…I will try to find a cast-off…

  4. Thanks for the comments! Now that The Simple Dollar linked to it, too, I feel like I’ve arrived…

    @FourPillars: Yeah, I thought about that. I guess at the end of the day you could look at it this way: a blogger wants stuff on his or her own blog, to build a blog/community. A writer just wants his stuff out there. I think of myself as a blogger second, writer first – I just want my stuff out there. I want to build Brip Blap up. However, I want people to see my writing and for me it’s easier to piggyback onto a bigger site and get that exposure, even if it means my Pulitzer Prize-worthy camping article is on another site (but probably USA Today and The Simple Dollar would never have noticed it on my site). But I know what you mean.

  5. Insightful read. I have stumbled and twittered this for my friends. Others no doubt will like it like I did.

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