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I’m never quite sure where to put these “non-post” posts. I’ll be appearing on Ask Mr. Credit Card’s blogtalkradio program this afternoon at 2 pm eastern US time.  You can listen in (or download it later – there are a lot of options). Information about the program can be found by clicking on this image:


Update:  Here’s the show itself!

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  1. Good interview! especially the part about debt. Debt is debt no matter how big or little.

    And yes, college opens the door to your first job and that's it.

    For as renting, you don't have to worry about property taxes going up. The landlord will always raise the rent so you will pay in some way.

    I do own and have for 5 years. NO big issues. Everything in my home is paid for including little repairs. I figuired as long as you have money set aside and a low monthly fix payment. You will always be OK. Our mortgage is under 26% of our income and it is fixed!

    I think the problem comes when people want a new kitchen or a new deck . When they want to upgrade with no money to do it.

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