another (new for me) carnival

I decided since the theme of this blog was not solely personal finance related that I would branch out and submit to a few non-personal-finance carnivals.  So I’m pleased to direct everyone over to the Carnival of Life, Happiness and Meaning over at Life Insurance Lowdown.  My post (which you’ve already seen featured elsewhere) on 7 things to consider before you buy stuff was featured.

A few other interesting posts there:  Personal Development for INTJs has How To Overcome Fear And The Obstacles It Creates – Do You Have An Abundant Mindset?   I’m an INTJ and I had no idea someone was blogging about INTJs.  Amazing thing, this series of pipes.  Both articles are thought-provoking and interesting even if you aren’t an INTJ.

Excel Training has 8 steps for making a change in your life.  You could really apply these to almost any type of change you want to make in your life, big or small.


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  1. Thanks for highlighting the INTJ blog! I found myself intrigued by a few of the posts and pretty relevant especially the focus part – something I’m trying to improve on daily.

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