announcing the carnival of careers

I’ve started entering carnivals again with a vengeance, and I’ve noticed that there isn’t really a carnival that addresses careers (or lack thereof). The Carnival of Personal Finance does include a category for careers, but it’s aimed more at the financial aspects of careers. I am not trying to compete; my thinking was that a less finance-focused career carnival would be interesting. I decided to leap into the void:

Announcing the Carnival of Careers!

I’ve set up a homepage for the Carnival of Careers (still a work in progress), and you can enter submissions here at This carnival is designed to share posts and articles about career management, career stories, job information and work/life balance. All submissions to this carnival should be related to careers or jobs topics and specifically mention the concept. Any off-topic or unrelated submissions will not be included. All entries should be written within the last month and not submitted to any other blog carnival. Entrants are expected to link back to the host or they won’t be included in future carnivals. The submission deadline is each Friday at 11:59 pm, and the carnival will run each Monday. The first carnival will run Monday, June 2 and every Monday thereafter.

Please enter – you can submit entries for the inaugural column starting today! I’d love to see a strong carnival with a lot of interesting pieces about career management, workplace tips, managing work/life balance, even posts about how to ditch your career once you achieve financial independence!

I’m also looking for future hosts starting as early as June 9th, and every Monday thereafter. The only requirement is that you occasionally address career topics on your blog. Anyone who hosts will be added to the blogroll permanently. Please email me at bripblap…gmail (you can piece that together; hopefully the spambots can’t) if you’re interested.

And in other carnival news, my entries for the past week: at the Festival Of Frugality – If I Had A Car Edition my article about saving money on food was selected as an editor’s pick at the Festival! I should start keeping track of how many editor’s picks I get – surely there is a prize of some sort? I also had articles at the Carnival of Personal Finance: the Q & A edition and the Carnival of Money Stories.