• Awesome infographic. I can’t promise I’ll quit caffeine. When consumed in moderation, caffeine is fine for your health. Plus, how can I muster of the strength to wake up early without it? 🙂

  • Great infographic, and all good advice.  Some of those things to avoid are pretty darn tempting though!

  • Nicely done, but the description for #2 Don’t wear a seatbelt is the same as #1 don’t watch tv. 

  • Have you seen Mark’s Daily apple? or the primal stuff in general? Very different advice…

    • Evan – I have read Mark’s Daily Apple a few times, and it is different, and hey, fine… I think a large part of it is just sticking to a healthy lifestyle as you perceive healthy, because for every person who can pull out tons of facts to support paleo you can find vegans who can pull out tons of facts to support veganism.  I think the main thing is for people to identify systems they can live happily with!

  • I think you need to change the one about caffeine. Or, at least about coffee. Research now showing that coffee drinkers outlive those who don’t drink the stuff. Except for the coffee and the running, I do all the rest so guess I’m good for a few more years.